SQLPS Needs Your Help

In April 2016, Microsoft actively asked the SQL/PowerShell community for Connect Items relating to SQLPS as there is is now an engineer dedicated to the SQL Server PowerShell module!

You heard the guy! We have tickets on Active SQLPS bugs on SQL Server Connect, and now we have a Trello board that will help us determine what Connect tickets should be filed.

A few Connect Items have already been submitted and need your upvotes:

And just for good measure, it you want PowerShell to be available when SQL Server is on Linux, Up-Vote this item over at User Voice SQL things that aren't PowerShell but you probably want to Up-Vote them. What's Trello? It's an awesome organizer. Come and upvote what you'd like Microsoft to prioritize now that they have resources working full time on SQLPS. Send us suggestions on Twitter, too, at @sqlpowershell.

The goal of this board is to encourage the SQL Server/PowerShell community to upvote the issues they deem valid. Upvotes bring visibility to issues and help gain Microsoft's attention. Ultimately, we hope that this results in a module that is more reliable and useful for our community.
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