PowerShell is for Data Professionals. We ❤ SQL Server, DevOps, & Business Intelligence

As Data Professionals, PowerShell can help simplify tasks that you do every day, as well as tasks that you do every once in a while.

The goal of the SQL PASS PowerShell Virtual User Group is to get you as excited about PowerShell as we are, if you aren't already. If you're already pumped up about PowerShell and SQL Server, consider presenting for us!

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PowerShell ❤ SSIS

Tue, Jun 20 2017 12:00 Eastern Daylight Time

RSVP: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/1031937125371358219

PowerShell ❤ SSIS

This session shows you all the benefits of using PowerShell with(in) SSIS. Replacing annoying and tedious tasks, like deploying environments and projects or maintaining catalogs, with simple scripts. And what about analyzing all your SSIS packages for best practices like naming conventions. Lots of demos and just a few slides. If you already have a lot of SSIS knowledge then this session shows you how to get to the next level with some handy scripts. And if you already have a lot of PowerShell knowledge, but less SSIS experience then this session shows you how you could use that knowledge to improve BI projects and to make scripts shown in this session even better.

Joost van Rossum

I'm a Microsoft Business Intelligence consultant at ilionx with a focus on SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). I started my career with some ASP, ASP.Net, MCMS and SPS assignments and made the switch to BI when Microsoft released SQL Server 2005. I try to blog at least once a month about SSIS (and related stuff) and try to answer questions on the SSIS forum on MSDN where I'm a moderator. And last year I wrote an SSIS Scripting book to show you how to use C# or VB.Net within SSIS.

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Previous Webcasts

Below are a few of our previous sessions. Check out our meeting archive for a full list of webcasts. Or just head
straight to our YouTube channel If you have a request for a specific SQL related PowerShell topic, let us know!

The State of PowerShell, SQL Server, and SQLPS

The July update of SSMS 2016 brought more needed PowerShell enhancements to the new SqlServer PowerShell module. We discuss the 25 new cmdlets that made the cut and show you some practical ways to use them! There are also 3 great update to existing functionality that we will walk through.
SQL Server MVP Aaron Nelson, PowerShell MVP Chrissy LeMaire, and SQL DBA and PowerShell Enthusiast Rob Sewell discuss the past, present and future of SQL Server, PowerShell and SQLPS. Bring your questions and be ready to take these demos for a spin!

This session is for people already familiar with PowerShell and are wanting to take their skills to the advanced level by learning how to create their own objects and classes.

Deploy & Manage Ola Hallengren's Scripts in SQL Server with PowerShell

SQL Server MVP Andre Kamman. Are you enjoying Ola Hallengren's Maintenance Solution scripts as much as I am? I've written PowerShell scripts to deploy and manage them across multiple servers.

Painting with PowerShell: SQL Server Administration

SQL DBA & PowerShell Enthusiast Chris Sommer presents The SQL Server canvas gives us limitless opportunity for scripting and automation, and PowerShell is the perfect brush to paint with. Configuring our database servers, deploying database code changes, performing backups and restores are just a few examples of a day in the life of a DBA.

Automating Your SQL Server Best Practices Word Document

PowerShell MVP Laerte Junior presents a session about how to create a Word document for your client with the best practices on SQL Server

Advanced PowerShell Development

Bryan Cafferky presents a session for you to learn how to: maximize reuse with advanced functions using cmdletbinding, increase extensibility with script modules, add support for user interaction, efficiently access SQL Server, add support for application configuration and add support for pipeline processing.

Applying SQL Server Best Practices via PowerShell

Amit banerjee ( twitter ) from the SQL Server Tiger Team presents a session on how some best practice checks can be automated for SQL Server instances running on your on-premise data centers and on Azure Virtual Machines. In this session you will learn how you can leverage the POWER of PowerShell to automate health checks, keep your systems healthy and run SQL Server efficiently!

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